UIW Celebrates First-Gen Day

November 17, 2022

UIW celebrated First-Gen Day on November 8, 2022 with an event on campus. All attendees were given tickets to win door prizes. They also enjoyed a free Whataburger lunch, and got to hear from first-gen graduates.

“Today what we are doing is celebrating with students, faculty, and staff. This event is open to everyone because as a community we work together to help our students to graduate and get to completion, so today is really about helping our students understand that they are supported” said  Dr. Monica Ayala Jimenez, Associate Provost for Student Success.

Everyone got to feel the support and care UIW has for its students and community. UIW alumni and first-gen graduate and Executive Producer of the Bean and Chisme Show, Samantha Najera, shared her journey. “I have had a long journey with my family getting me here through college back then that was unheard of for my family. So to be able to be here today and to be talking about my journey as a grad, is a big deal. I tell people that by graduating you are breaking generational binds of people from the past who couldn’t do this.” 

 Happy First Gen-Day!