UIW students transform recycled material into fun room décor

October 27, 2022 -The Skyview resident assistants held an event that allowed students to transform recycled materials into fun room décor.
“This program is just to raise awareness within the dorms about recycling. We have different themes of the month; this month is about innovation.” – Fulghum.

The event organizers collected recycle bins around campus full of simple trash. But participants took those throwaway items and brought a second life to them in a fun way. Events like this bring people together with similar interests to create a meaningful way for all the think differently about your normal everyday recyclables.

“Even though you might think, ‘oh, I’m passionate about it. I wonder if anyone else is?’ – You can have an event like that, or even if people are willing to learn about it, that’s where your message can go really far.”- Fulghum.

The event allowed students to be artistic and innovative. It also helped spread the message of being eco-friendly.

“Oh I’m having a lot of fun, it’s very distressing cuz like I needed this. I was stressed out with this, midterms, school and so like being able to relax with my residents and do crafts, is awesome .” -Cortez