Burglaries on Campus


A string of burglaries on campus has the UIW police department searching for answers.

When UIW staff members returned from the weekend on August 29th, they discovered several computers were missing from the Bonilla Science Hall and the Kelso Art Building. 

Sergeant Investigator John Catts says UIW police department has identified suspects in the case. Those same suspects have been hitting other nearby Universities as well.

“They’ll target school just because they know people will leave an office open, or leave a laptop in a common area of a lounge, and they try to look like they kind of belong try to blend in”-Catts

Officers are keeping details of the investigation under wraps until they can make their next move.

In the meantime , Catts says the best thing you can do to prevent theft is keeping your stuff locked up. And don’t leave items unattended.

“Don’t assume that just because you leave it for a minute or two to go down and grab a soda at Red’s or whatever that it’ll still be there when you get back”-Catts

But the most important thing is safety. Authorities say never enrage with a suspicious person but report it immediately to UIW police.

You can report any suspicious activity to the UIW police force at (210) 829-6030 or in person in the lobby of Clement Hall.