COMM ARTS alumna featured on TPR

COMM ARTS alumna featured on TPR

March 26, 2021 - Jackie Velez graduated in May of 2019 with her Bachelor's degree in Communication Arts and English. Jackie was active in Communication Arts student media organizations - KUIW, Logos, and UIWtv. She is currently working at San Antonio College as a writing tutor.

Jackie has been busy working on a several writing projects and she was recently featured on Texas Public Radio’s “Worth Repeating: Fight or Flight." Check out her TPR interview and visit the links below to see her work:

TPR "Worth Repeating: Fight or Flight":
-Facebook link: https://rb.gy/futdq9
-Website link: https://rb.gy/vdlhcl
-YouTube link: https://rb.gy/kajij4

Curious Observer podcast:
-Spotify: https://rb.gy/aclmof
-YouTube: https://rb.gy/t8ppyv

The Esperanza Peace and Justice (Teatro Esperanza):
-Facebook: https://rb.gy/uyo0hc

If you are a prospective or current student and you would like additional information about the program, please call the Communication Arts Department at (210) 283-5044 to obtain more information.