Dr. Guinn Interviews with mastersincommunciations.com

Dr. Guinn Interviews with mastersincommunciations.com

April 27, 2020 - Dr. Trey Guinn, Communication Arts Program Director and Associate Professor had an opportunity to participate in an interview with https://www.mastersincommunications.com/.

Dr. Guinn provided an in-depth interview about the Masters in Communication Arts program expectations and outcomes. Currently the Masters in Communication Arts consists of a total of 36 graduate hours. Of those hours, 12 are core graduate hours consisting of 4 core courses. Of the remaining 24 graduate hours, 21 graduate hours, or 7 courses, are made up of electives so students can tailor the degree to their professional interests. Dr. Guinn expressed, "From there, the student is ready to really play “Choose Your Own Adventure” within the broad realm of communication. And so their next seven courses, which make up 21 credit hours, are comprised of their electives." The remaining 3 hours are reserved for the final semester where students participate in a capstone or thesis project.

Prospective students can learn more about the graduate program by visiting the following link: https://www.uiw.edu/smd/academic-programs/commarts/graduate-program.html. The Communication Arts Department encourages potential students to call the office at (210) 283-5044 or email Dr. Trey Guinn at tguinn@uiwtx.edu for additional information.

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